Drama at the Minor House

My household has been sick for too long! Ryan has been sick 5 times this year with sinus issues and finally went to the Dr who said it has to do with allergies! He was prescribed Claritin and a nasal steroid. Then Ben’s eyes started getting goopy, so one call to the Dr and we had a prescription for pink eye meds. Then Ryan had chest pains so he went to the Dr and was told he had Pluerisy, which mostly affects the elderly (he’s only 30)! He just sat around for days because sharp pains would shoot through his body if he moved, or breathed!! Then last Friday my throat was burning and I felt sick all day. This led to no voice by Sunday night. On Monday night my left ear started hurting….which led to a trip to the ER at 11:30 at night. I now have an ear infection that has stolen my hearing in my left ear and I cannot talk. No pain anymore but I am on antibiotics and ear drops. Ry is now back to work and my mom has helped so much by watching the kids all day Friday and then on Tuesday as well. I still have a cough which led to last nights story…I thought we were out of the woods… SO last night I let Ry go to bed first so he could fall asleep and my coughing wouldn’t keep him up. He went to bed at 10 and I got in bed at 11 (I slept all day At 11:25 I heard Ben crying and calling “Daddy”, this NEVER happens, so I got up and used my phone as a flashlight. When I got is his room he was sitting in bed and crying about being wet…with my flashlight in had I could tell there was stuff all over the bed….my immediate thought was puke! I turned his light on and I was surprised to see blood everywhere. I yelled for Ry and brought Ben to the bathroom. He had a nose bleed. I didn’t freak out because I knew exactly what was happening. When I had subbed in a school office before a kid came in with a bloody nose and a secretary pulled out a long booger from his nose and the bleeding stopped. When a long booger came out of Ben’s nose I knew he was fine. I was told this happens when there has been a sickness and mucous clogs up the sinus’ which leads to a nose bleed to flush it out. With all that said, Ry read him a book to calm him down after he was cleaned up, while I changed his sheets. We all slept peacefully the rest of the night! I hope that is the end of all our sicknesses and weird happenings!! I’m also glad I had a voice when I woke up this morning!!!! Now I am just working on the cough!

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