I can’t believe its been almost a week since I last blogged! Time is flying at the Minor house.
So a week ago Thursday I got 2 phone calls for subbing on Friday! I had to turn them down because my voice was still weak and I still couldn’t hear out of my left ear (and of course, the yard sales). Then on Friday morning I got 2 more calls! I hadn’t subbed in a month and I get 4 sub jobs for when I can’t!!! This week there were no jobs until Thursday night when I got an offer for an IEP (teacher-parent thing). YES!!! Finally a job. Then Friday morning I got a 2nd job for after my IEP. YES! YES! Then I got a phone call canceling my first IEP :(. Then I got a call at 8:09 for a job that started at 7:15 and ended right before my other job. I had to decline because I wasn’t going to get there in time. But then I called district offices and they said they were low on subs so to just get their ASAP! Got the kids ready and myself, ran out the door, dropped the kids with my mom and made it there by 9. Easy sub job too because there was another sub in the room as well as a student teacher (really weird). Rushed off to my second job (in Highland) and ended the day with a full day pay….awesome!!!

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