SnapSac ~ Fashionable Reusable Tote Bags

I was so excited to receive my bags from SnapSac! They arrived right before Christmas and with all the ordering I had done online for the holidays, I just thought this was another gift I had ordered! I had just loaded my kids in the car (in the garage) to go shopping and ran back in the house for one last thing, when I heard the doorbell. I found three packages at the front door. I opened two up that were ordered gifts and was so surprised to find a set of three SnapSac bags in the third package (they had shipped out really fast)! I was so excited I wanted to rip their tags off and take them with me right then and there, but I restrained because I wanted to take a picture to share with you all of how amazing they look when your first get them!

I use reusable bags for EVERYTHING! I cringe when I have to get plastic bags because I forgot my canvas ones at home! I use them for groceries, overnight bags for the kids, diaper bags, non-grocery shopping, bringing stuff to church, everything! I use them everyday! I recently decided that I needed to be more careful with cross contaminating my bags due to bacteria. I now have bags dedicated to grocery and non-grocery shopping! I also have bags for my everyday use of toting things to and fro places!

I received the SnapSac Tote Bundle Pop set which features three different sized totes for review!
The sizes are {Width}:
Petite Tote 18″
Super Tote 24″
Mega Tote 36″

Did I mention that they have yellow handles! I am going through a yellow phase and I was so very pleased to get this set! These bags are very stylish and are are so much better looking than average canvas bags. They are made from with 35% thicker fabric than average grocery store bags. Each bag has a pocket inside and will fold up into a square for storage.  All the bags are machine washable (cold, and line dry). These bags can be taken to the grocery store, the gym, or even the office; wherever your life takes you! SnapSac totescome in six different models, each with two color options, Pop or Neutral. They range in price from $2.50 to $9.99 and are available online at as well as the SnapSac website. Snapsac is available in many stores including Sprouts Farmer’s Markets, Albertson’s LLC, and grocery stores nationwide.

“When I started selling reusable bags, less than 5% of Americans used them.  Now,  our research shows that 54% of female consumers 18-55 describe themselves as reusable bag users.  This is a fantastic shift in consciousness on the part of average shoppers.  Reusable bags are no longer a trend or solely for the eco-conscious. They are mainstream and part of everyday life. People now bring their own bag along on a wide variety of day to day activities.  So it’s natural they would want something more fashionable, something that’s more accessory than drab necessity,” says Lisa Foster, Founder of SnapSac.  “We give consumers more in a bag—more quality, more functionality, and more value.”

I am not good at judging size or distance, etc. When I heard the sizes of the bags, I never realized how BIG they were! It wasn’t until I opened each individual bag up, did I realize how awesome these bags truly are!

I can use these bags for just about everything! The Petite Tote is the perfect size to tote overnight clothes for my kids when they stay with Nana and Papa, or bring supplies to church for our children’s room, or even use it for a purse! The Super Tote is large enough to be a small suitcase for a multiple night getaway or to bring to a farmers market! The Mega Tote would make the perfect beach bag! I know I will come up with more uses for these bags and I am sure they will be the go to bags when my small canvas totes just won’t do!

Overall: I love my bags and I can use them for just about anything! They are stylish and convenient to store! The Tote Bundle Sets are only $12.50, which is a savings of $3 if you were to buy each of these bags individually.

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