A Truely Vegan Diet!

Almost three weeks ago I embarked on a diet adventure: my food now consists of ONLY veggies, fruit and beans (and oil/vinegar dressing for salad)! It’s been difficult to say the least. I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but ultimately I feel really encouraged that I have made it this long and am actually going to stick with it. I think its about that time that I slowly start adding a couple of different things to my diet, but it will still stay mostly veggies and fruit. Along with this diet I have started drinking veggie juice that I make myself! The taste has grown on me and I actually prefer the green veggies (w/apple) as opposed to other sweeter veggies. I am learning self control and especially since I technically can’t eat desserts! I’m also reading a book on detoxing and juicing and I find it very interesting. We are surrounded by toxins constantly and by simply juicing vegetables and you can cleanse your body from these toxins! I am still reading but I will share more as I go!

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