Bedtime Songs

Kevin has a new routine a night. We put the kids down around 7:30 but we let Kevin stay up and read in his bed till 8. When he’s ready for bed, he has Ryan and I come upstairs and sing to him. Ryan always sings the song he made up for Kevin and has been singing him since he was little. I didn’t even know about this song until Kevin sang it to me a couple of weeks ago. He sings it now all the time :). Then he has me (and sometimes Ry too) sing the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle, and the Thomas theme song. The best part is that he sings along with both of us. Kevin has so much personality and loves to goof off. So when he sings during the day he makes up words to add to these songs, but at night, he sings them perfectly! I love doing this and I look forward to our nightly ritual!

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Kids say the darndest things!