Off to a good morning!

This morning Kevin came in my room while I was still in bed. I asked Kevin to go see if Katie was awake because I could hear her and I wanted him to give me a couple more minutes! He opens her door and says “You awake Katie” and very seriously I hear Katie say “I not awake”! So Kevin closes the the door and comes to tell me that Katie is not awake!!!!  I couldn’t help but smile and then I had to get out of bed! He was being serious because a little later we opened Katie’s door and she was standing in her crib and Kevin said, “Oh, she is awake”!
Then Kevin picked out his own clothes, which to not match at all…but you have to give him credit because his shirt has green in it and therefore you understand why he wanted green shorts :). He proceeded to put his shirt on backwards and his underwear on backwards AND inside out!

So many smiles this morning and its still so early!

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