It’s A Wrap ~ Veggie Style

I don’t cook meat in my house, which every now and then leaves me with the feeling that I am just making the same things over and over again. While at Trader Joe’s recently, they had a wrap sample with lettuce, hummus, and turkey. I was inspired to make a veggie wrap. I didn’t plan a wrap out ahead of time, so when I was ready to make them for dinner one night, I just pulled all the veggies out of the fridge.

All the veggies I used were from our local farmers market, besides the micro greens which were from Trader Joe’s. Mostly everything was organic or not sprayed with pesticides. Can I say that I love living in Santa Barbara???? Even some of the hummus was from a local company!

What you need:

Veggies {any and all} thinly sliced ~ I used red bell pepper, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, micro greens and lettuce.

Hummus ~ I used both regular and roasted red pepper.

Cheese ~ I used Organic Creamery Feta for my husband’s and mine and grated mozzarella for my kids.

Wrap ~ I like the rectangle ones from Trader Joe’s.


As you can see, I put hummus on both ends, then I just layered the veggies till it was covered and began to roll. Cut the wrap in half and serve with chips or homemade baked fries!  Enjoy!

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