Kids say the darndest things!

As a somewhat normal person, there are many phrases I thought I would never say! But now that I am a parent, I find myself saying the oddest things, of course, this is all in response to my kids! Just the other day I had to tell both Kevin and Katie that crayons do not go in their eyes! This is a daily occurrence! I think it will be fun to share all the crazy things my kids say/do and my responses to them!

Just now Kevin asked if it was Oscar on my shirt (a shirt I sleep in) and I proceeded to tell him how I bought this big shirt when I was pregnant with him and that is why it is so big. He responds with “you bought it at a yard sale”! Gotta love that my kid knows I am a bargain shopper through and through, but no my shirt was not bought at a yard sale (rather the clearance section at Kohls, cause lets be honest, I did not buy as Oscar the Grouch Christmas shirt to wear in public!!!)

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